Minnesota Buffer Law

SWCDs are here to assist landowners with implementation of the water resource riparian protection requirements on public waters and public drainage systems.

Buffer Fact Sheet 
Wadena County Buffer Monitoring Plan

Landowners owning property adjacent to a water body identified and mapped on a buffer protection map must maintain a buffer to protect the state's water resources as follows:
(1) for all public waters, the more restrictive of: (i) a 50-foot average width, 30-foot minimum width, continuous buffer of perennially rooted vegetation; or (ii) the state shoreland standards and criteria adopted by the commissioner under section 103F.211; and
(2) for public drainage systems established under chapter 103E, a 16.5-foot minimum width continuous buffer as provided in section 103E.021, subdivision 1. The buffer vegetation shall not impede future maintenance of the ditch.