Wadena County SWCD Haybuster No Till Drill Rental


$150.00 minimum in county, $12/acre.

$175.00 minimum out of county and WITHIN 20 mile radius of office, $14/acre.  Payment is due at time of pick up.


Renting:  Our drill is available for rental on Mondays and Fridays due to current staffing levels.  The renter will sign a contract for use of the drill and pay the down payment prior to pickup.  The drill is not calibrated to what you are seeding, but we do provide the equipment and information for you to calibrate it.  The renter will adhere to the time schedule that has been arranged as other renters have set rental days.  

A late fee of $50/day will be added for not returning the drill as scheduled.  A $25 penalty will be assessed to the renter if the drill is returned with seed in the boxes.

Recommended for alfalfa and other small-seeded legumes, as well as grasses, small grains and soybeans. Has 2 boxes available for seeding more than one seed at a time.  One small box for legumes and a larger box for bigger seeds.  

Width of 11 ft, seeds a width of 10 ft, the coulters are 7 inches apart.
Needs minimum horsepower tractor of 50 HP with hydraulics. 

There is also a drill in the East Otter Tail SWCD office in Perham.  

Call 218-346-9105 to schedule if ours is not available and you need it sooner.

Benefits of no-till:

  • Fewer passes in field - Fewer secondary passes are needed to prepare fields for planting which results in substantial savings of time, machinery costs, fuel, and labor costs.
  • Improved soil quality - No-till reduces soil erosion, which leaves productive topsoil in place. Leaving crop residue in fields increases the water infiltration rate of the soil. More water is available for plant use and less likely to cause erosion from runoff.