2021 Year in Review:   Report of our programs and projects for 2021 in Wadena County.

Our Programs

Ag BMP Program

Low interest loan program to encourage agricultural best management practices that prevent or reduce runoff from feedlots and farm fields and other pollution problems. Read more >

Ag Weed Inspecting

The County Agricultural Inspector works cooperatively with township supervisors to enforce all laws and rules dealing with seeds and noxious weeds in Wadena County. Includes a link for the Minnesota Noxious Weed Program and listing of noxious weeds found in the county. Read more >


A "Buffer" means an area consisting of perennial vegetation, excluding invasive plants and noxious weeds, adjacent to all bodies of water within the state and that protects the water resources of the state from runoff pollution; stabilizes soils, shores, and banks; and protects or provides riparian corridors.  Read more >

Education Programs

Conservation Days, Envirothon, News, Poster & Essay Contest, and Soil Stewardship Week. Read more >


The Wadena SWCD has been delegated by the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency to carry out the Feedlot Program. Includes a link to the MPCA Feedlot Program and description of the County Feedlot Officer's duties. Read more >

Forest Management

We work with the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources Forestry Division to provide forest stewardship plans to Wadena County landowners.
Read more >

Individual Sewage Treatment System

Individual Sewage Treatment System loan program information. We work with Region 5 Development Commission in Staples and Wadena County Planning & Zoning to provide 3% loans to replace
non-compliant septic systems in the county.
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The Soil Survey of Wadena County is a publication available free to all landowners. Includes an on-line link to current soils information. Read more >

State Cost Share

This program provides up to 75% cost share to install conservation practices that control soil erosion and reduce sedimentation. Read more >

Tree Program

Tree ordering form, tree handbook, tree and shrub descriptions. Read more >

Water Resources

County water plan, healthy lakes and rivers program, irrigation management, lake data, lake and stream monitoring, nitrate clinics, rain gauge monitoring, and well monitoring. Read more >


Purpose of the Wetlands Conservation Act and functions of wetlands. Read more >